RapidRead Updates

RapidRead Updates

Our Data Scientists and Radiologists continuously evaluate the program, interface, and reports for improvements, and take user feedback into consideration. Updates are released at least quarterly.

February 29, 2024

On the Report

  • Assessments start with the image count and the type of views identified.
  • There is a confirmation in the assessment when an evaluated view (thorax, abdomen, limb) has no findings.
  • Submitted images not evaluated by RapidRead are dimmed in the thumbnails for easy identification. These are typically body parts that RapidRead does not evaluate (skull, spine, and pelvis). (Pelvis availability by the end of 2024.)
  • A red border appears around image thumbnails with an identified abnormality.
  • The findings page follows the report page, highlighting the positive findings in red.
  • Bounding boxes now identify the location of mass lesions.

Submission Page

  • Free text (Pertinent Case Information) is no longer available on the first submission. It becomes available as a required text box when requesting a radiologist review.
  • The “Healthy Pet” click box was moved to the beginning of the Clinical Observations list to be more visible.