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AIS RapidRead Products

Antech Imaging Services offers an expanding list of AI reads.


AIS RapidRead Radiology

Submitting a case for RapidRead Radiology interpretation takes only a few clicks, costs less than a traditional read, and results are back to you within 10 minutes!

  • RapidRead Radiology evaluates the thorax, abdomen, and limbs of dogs and cats.
  • Click here to view a current list of available findings. Please check this list often, as we add new findings regularly.

Tips for Success:

  • If RapidRead identifies any life-threatening finding, the consult will automatically be sent for a STAT radiology review at no additional cost to you. (Approximately 2 hours turnaround time) 
  • Requesting a Radiologist Review: Please note the RapidRead fee will be credited, and you will be charged your standard AIS fee (including the STAT fee if applicable) for the radiology review. 
  • Make sure to click the applicable clinical signs on the submission form. AI uses the patient’s signalment, clinical signs, and the findings to make meaningful assessments.

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AIS RapidRead Dental

Coming soon!

AIS RapidRead ECG

Coming soon!

AIS RapidRead PennHIP

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