AIS RapidRead. Veterinary technology with a human touch.

Meaningful and Accurate AI Reports in Minutes

AIS RapidRead™ is a diagnostic support tool that blends the speed and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the expertise of a team of leading veterinary radiologists and data scientists. Trained from 16 million images, sourced from an unprecedented library of more than 8 billion images – AIS RapidRead helps you confirm your diagnoses and avoid missed findings – all while increasing your own diagnostic confidence.

RapidRead provides you with accurate AI radiology reports, using the findings, signalment, and clinical observations to create meaningful assessments within a matter of minutes.

The findings are at least 95% as accurate when compared to findings by board-certified veterinary radiologists.  In addition, if your cases require further insights, you have access to 130+ board-certified radiologists ready to provide support.

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