Tech Support

Tech Support

AIS technical support provides outstanding service and is available 24/7/365.

  • Mike Mays – AIS Technical Support Manager

    Mike is a California native. Mike grew up in Orange County, CA, and started working for VCA in 2005 as a veterinary technician, where he spent the next 7 years before moving to ANTECH Imaging Services in 2012. Outside of work, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, hiking, and traveling with his wife. They currently live in Costa Mesa with their 2
    cats (Duke and P-Bob), and even though he loves all animals, Mike considerers himself a “cat person”. His favorite animal is a sloth, and plans to one day travel the world photographing wildlife.
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  • Madeline Bantly

    I was born and raised in the Central Valley, CA, and have had an affinity for animals all my life. I grew up surrounded by many cats and the occasional dog or two. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in the Biological Sciences in 2011 and moved into the Veterinary Industry as a Veterinary Assistant in 2012. I started with Antech in 2014 in the Client
    Services Department, moved to the Laboratory Coordinator Department in 2019, and finally landed in the AIS Department at the beginning of 2022. I love to read, learn new things, try new foods, and travel (I spent half of 2018 traveling around South America). I am a cat person through and through and have one beautiful calico named Gidget as my feline companion.
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  • Jennifer Caprio

    I’ve worked with technology, and in customer support for over 14 years. I love helping people and animals! I enjoy hanging out with my 2 cats, reading, and playing video games in my free time.
  • Nicholas Day

    I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. In Junior High School my family and I moved to Texas due to my father’s job change. I played basketball, baseball and soccer growing up through my adolescent years. In high school I focused mainly on basketball as my passion. I graduated from University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing and a
    MBA in Finance. I love to be active and recently started doing triathlons in the last few years. I grew up mainly a dog lover, but recently was adopted by 2 neighborhood cats who apparently love my house more than their original owners. They are definitely a lot of fun to have around the house. I am also passionate about real estate and investing for my future.
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  • Christi Jager

    I was born and raised in Texas and have been in an Administrative and/or Technical Support position in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Before starting at Antech Imaging, I worked in the legal department at M. D. Anderson Services Corporation from 2001 to 2009 and assisted all executives within the organization when called upon. After needing to be
    closer to home in 2009, I started working for Horizon (NightForce) Radiology and PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Services where I learned the ins and outs of the human and veterinary telemedicine industries. Outside of work I enjoy learning anything new, helping others, travelling, and spending time with my now adult children.
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  • Samantha Milner

    I was born and raised in Montreal, QC, Canada and currently reside in Calgary, AB with my husband, 2 pups and toddler. While my background and education is in International Development, Anthropology, Event planning and Entrepreneurship, my love for animals has always carried through no matter which career path I have
    pursued. I have worked in the veterinary telemedicine industry since 2019 and love being able to help clinics and owners on a daily basis.
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  • David Newell

    I was born at Eglin AFB, located in the Florida panhandle. After finishing the 5th grade, my family relocated to Yokota AFB in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing high school we moved back to the US to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shortly after, I joined the US Air Force. During my service time, I worked as a combat survival instructor, a
    transportation manager, and an education and training manager. I was stationed in Texas, Washington, Arizona, Montana, and Florida as well as a short stay in Saudia Arabia. After 10 years of service, I was honorable discharged and moved to Northern California. During that time, I worked in construction as a cable installer and a pest control technician. In 2013 we moved to Costa Mesa, California, where I worked as an over-the-road truck driver for 2 years before Antech Imaging Services hired me. I have been married for 15 years and have a son who is in High School.
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  • Jamie Piazza

    I was born in California and have been in the Veterinary Field since 2003. I started to work for VCA in 2005 and obtained my RVT license in 2007 where I worked as a surgical & dental technician. I have always wondered about the other side of the veterinary field, so I took a chance with AIS in 2011 and loved every minute
    of it! I stayed with AIS until I relocated to Montana with my husband and stepson and went back to working as a surgical technician and managing a veterinary hospital for 8 years. In that time, I had a daughter and we realized how much our little family missed our CA family and friends. We decided to move back in 2019 where I stayed a surgical technician until I reached back out to AIS this past year and now am back with my team as of July 2023! I love where we live and enjoy RV camping to any destination with my family (including 3 dogs – Arson, Ember & Raja), exploring national parks, hiking around new places, paddleboarding, watching scary movies and making memories with our kiddos, close friends and family.
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  • Katheryn Ross

    I am native to Southern California, and have wanted to be in this industry since I was young. I came back after graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Animal Science with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine, and a minor in Equine Science. I quickly found that being a technician
    allowed me to enjoy medicine and the patient/owner relationship more, and worked for a few years in general practice in a small clinic in San Clemente, CA. I moved into emergency medicine as a technician in both Internal Medicine and the ICU, and I still do relief technician work to get my fix of the fur babies. I currently live in San Diego and have enjoyed my position here since December of 2021; this position has allowed me to learn about a fascinating part of the veterinary industry and help patients and hospitals in a new way.
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  • Sarah Spies

    I was born and raised in Southern California. I spent many summers as a child at my grandfather’s ranch with horses, goats, and a lot of dogs! I was always bringing home lost or injured animals, so it was natural for my first job in high school to be at a pet store and to begin working at a veterinary clinic in 2005. I have worked as a receptionist, and
    technician assistant and spent 4 years as a traveling dental technician before coming to Antech Diagnostics in 2018 as the lead laboratory coordinator. I transferred to AIS in 2021. I love camping, reading, and cooking. I am a big horror movie buff. I have 2 cats- Phantom and Isis, and one amazing little Shih Tzu named Buffy.
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  • Tawny Lee Thompson

    Tawny Lee Thompson has enjoyed her position at AIS Tech Support since June 2013. She previously worked as a veterinary assistant in small animal medicine for about 14 years. Tawny has two wonderful teenage sons who are active in Boy Scouts, as is her husband as a volunteer. She also volunteers with and fosters kittens and cats for an animal welfare group
    called CARMA OC. She has a weakness for dark chocolate and considers herself both a dog and a cat person, though lizards and snakes rate too! Tawny has a passion for education and animals and believes that the key to keeping our furry friends healthy is keeping their families aware of how to best care for their loved ones.
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  • Kelsie Warren

    I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am a proud Mom of a three-year-old boy who keeps my life very fun and interesting! As a young child and adolescent, I enjoyed figure skating, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, and ringette. Throughout my school years I had always gravitated toward science I love spending time with family, reading, listening to music, exploring nature, and travelling whenever I get the chance.
    and animal health. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology at UPEI, in 2017. Throughout my childhood, I have had many cherished pets. I currently have one cat and I would eventually love to adopt a dog someday. Starting in spring of 2021, I had the pleasure of working for Dr. Paul Rist as administrative assistant at Radterra and MVI, where I have learned most of what I know today in radiology and telemedicine. I began the transition to Antech Imaging Services in August of 2023.
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  • Kelly Varcalle

    I am a native Buckeye, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I started my career off on the human side working with the Medical Research Department for Pharmacia & Upjohn. I took a few years off to spend quality time with my daughters as a stay-at-home mother. As much as I loved being home with my daughters, I was Intrigued by the
    veterinarian telemedicine industry and the services that were being offered to help improve the speed and quality of animal healthcare. Eager to learn and grow professionally, I began pursuing a new career in 2013 as a Sales Representative for CardioVet and PetRays Veterinarian Telemedicine Consultants. In 2018, we merged under BluePearl Specialty & Emergency Hospital where I took on the role of Technical Support and Customer Service. I am now committed to Antech Imaging Services and honored to have the privilege of working with a team of professionals who show passionate support for the hospitals and the patients.
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