What We Offer
ANTECH Imaging Services can enhance your veterinary practice by providing you with a wide variety of web-based digital services. In other words, you can just point and click.

What We Offer

ANTECH Imaging Systems was founded as DarkHorse Medical Ventures in 2000, and has provided Web-based PACS and telemedicine solutions longer than any other service. DarkHorse joined ANTECH Diagnostics to become ANTECH Imaging Services, making it even simpler to add the expertise of a specialist, while keeping the patient in your practice! Our on-line PACS provides images anywhere, anytime, to any computer!

  • Our specialists are all board certified in their areas of expertise. We have more specialists and telemedicine options than any other telemedicine service.
  • Our pricing schedule is very competitive. We can develop a customized plan for high-volume practices. ANTECH Imaging Services reports are available online, via fax or e-mail. Standard turnaround time is three hours, with STAT availability. AIS has done over three quarter of a million consults to date.
  • ANTECH Imaging Services is proud to provide telemedicine and Internet-based PACS (over 43,000,000 images on-line) for all VCA clinics and over 3,500 other clinics across the country and around the world. Our team of professionals is passionate about improving the quality of veterinary care. As small and large practices recognize the need to have greater access to the latest advances in veterinary medicine, AIS is committed to providing the tools necessary to empower practitioners, specialists and pet owners.
  • Navigating the myriad of digital options can be a daunting task for many practice owners. AIS can help you identify the hardware and software you'll need to remain competitive in the current high-tech environment.
  • We understand that imaging equipment can represent a significant expense for any veterinary practice. That's why we're committed to helping our clients design an imaging department suited to their specific needs - from a single X-ray machine to a state-of-the-art MRI.


With ANTECH Imaging Services, all you need to do is point and click to:

  • Consult a specialist
  • Confer with colleagues anytime, anywhere
  • Seek real-time, immediate information in an emergency situation
  • Share images with other clinics
  • Share images with any DVM anywhere in the world Involve a specialist while maintaining your relationship with your client Drive your clients to your website to view images using our exclusive “HTML Distributed Imaging”

What can ANTECH do for your practice?

  • Help set your practice apart from your competitors
  • Offer you access to a variety of consulting services and digital solutions
  • Improve the quality of medicine in your practice by providing easy, affordable access to board certified specialists