Radiology Case 1

Patient Info:

Type: Canine
Breed: Flat-coated Retriever
Mix Age: 10
Sex: Male (Neutered)


Pet presented acute nonweight bearing on right pelvic limb (PL) on 1/7/12. Acute cry in pain when jumping through ivy, then nonweight bearing R PL. Has had a right TPLO in 2003. Not on medication. When seen that day on 1/7/12, no palpable pain or instability in the entire R PL. Rimadyl and Tramadol were prescribed. Owner has been resting dog but he is still lame in the R PL. Now questionable right TL lamenss? I suspect it is due to overcompensation of R PL lameness. No pain or issues in R TL but palpable crepitus.

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