AIS Turnaround Times

Please note the turnaround times may vary based on volume.

Sunday 12pm to Saturday 12am
      Consults submitted before 12pm are due back by 5pm the same day.
      Consults submitted after 12pm are due back by 8am the next day.

Saturday 12am to Sunday 12pm
      24 hours from submission.

Our Fee Schedule

At Antech Imaging Services, our goal is to make otherwise difficult consults, quick, easy, and affordable. For those that own digital imaging equipment, contact us about distributed imaging, it is accessible and affordable. That's why we have made our fee schedule extremely competitive. Please contact us to find out what Antech can do for you.

Antech Imaging Services
17672-B Cowan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614 

Voice: 877.727.6800

About Antech Imaging Services

Founded in 2000, Antech Imaging Services has provided a Web-based PACS and telemedicine solutions far longer than any other service. With AIS, it's easy to add the expertise of a specialist while keeping the patient in your practice! Our on-line PACS provides images anywhere, anytime, from any computer!


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