Licensing the Antech Imaging Services Platform

Antech Imaging Services offers specialty groups a licensed original equipment manager (OEM), a customized version of the Antech Imaging Services Web site. Specialty groups can create a branded Web site to provide clients with a stable Internet-based platform for referral consultations. The customized version offers all the features and tools available on the Antech Imaging Services Web site. The site can be branded with a specialty group corporate logo. Reports generated from the OEM site will also bear the specialty group corporate logo and contact information.

The OEM Web site offers referral groups:

  • One-time setup charge for complete site development
  • Economical storage packages
  • Easy setup of client accounts with secure password protection
  • Robust image visualization tools for the referral practitioner and specialist
  • Automated e-mail and fax service for consultation reports
  • Safe, secure storage of studies and reports
  • Online client billing information
  • Optional turnkey billing services
  • 24/7 technical support

About Antech Imaging Services

Founded in 2000, Antech Imaging Services has provided a Web-based PACS and telemedicine solutions far longer than any other service. With AIS, it's easy to add the expertise of a specialist while keeping the patient in your practice! Our on-line PACS provides images anywhere, anytime, from any computer!


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