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Digital Radiography

An exhaustive discussion of all of the types of digital systems is beyond the scope of this webpage, however some things to consider before investing in a digital system are:

  • Image quality – Flat-panel technologies are currently the best

  • Image format – DICOM 3.0 is the current standard (see below)

  • Ability to send images – Must have a broadband internet connection

  • Ability to integrate with a PACS system, hospital management system, etc.

  • Integrity of the vendor – Cost, service, etc; will the company be around for the long haul?

For more information on digital radiology systems, click here to visit the ACVR web pages for teleradiology guidelines.

The current imaging standard is DICOM 3.0. In addition, the ACVR created a committee called the DICOM Workgroup 25 to incorporate veterinary terminology and nomenclature into the DICOM standard. Be aware that not all digital radiography companies adhere to this standard. PennHIP can only accept DICOM compliant images for evaluation. When considering digital radiography, be sure that the system will comply with the DICOM 3.0 format, and if possible, with the ACVR DICOM Workgroup 25 recommendations.

PennHIP does not endorse any one vendor over another so long as the system satisfies the criteria listed above.