Veterinary Radiologist

Antech Imaging Services is looking for full time or part time Veterinary Radiologists to join our rapidly growing, national and international teleradiology lineup.

There are several reasons why Antech Imaging Services has experienced such profound growth over the past few years. We have been able to develop a platform that promotes a unique quality of collaboration between staff and we have an amazing lineup of staff radiologists:

Andrea Matthews, Anna Revenaugh, Bill Gross, Bill Hornof, Brett Fundak, Daniel Rodriguez, Debra Baird, Debra Beard, Diane Wilson, Elisabeth Girard, Francois Crevier, Halise Diamond, Helen Thomas, Jason Francis, Kerri Beck, Kevin Koernig, Kevin Winegardner, Lisa Ziemer, Lise Daniaux, Marcia Whiteley, Mauricio Solano, Michael Thomas, Nancy Love, Pam Newton, Pascaline Pey, Paul Frank, Phillip Steyn, Reid Tyson, Renee Leveille, Rich Page, Richard Park, Robert Cruz, Romain Cavrenne, Ron Green, Sue Finn-Bodner, Tsuyoshi Murakami, Valentina Piola and Vicente Castellanos.

Comments from staff members:

The AIS radiologists are the most supportive and collegial group I have ever worked with in my professional career. The real time consultation with the other radiologists when faced with a challenging case means I never feel like ”I am all alone fending for myself”. The wide range of experience and willingness to share information makes for an enjoyable environment. nl

AIS allows you to live where you want, and to travel and work from anywhere in the world, literally. The collegial environment with your fellow radiologists keeps you from feeling isolated, keeps you intellectually sharp, and provides you with professional support that many busy academic environments do not allow. db

One of the additional benefits of working with AIS is working with the referring veterinarians. They trust we are a part of their team and call us with questions and feedback. Many times I have been given heartfelt thanks for my involvement in a patient’s case. AIS has hit the proverbial nail on the head with its platform of interaction between technical support, collegial interaction and interaction with referring veterinarians. kb

Working with such a large team, means that when I am off, I truly have free time to live life away from veterinary medicine without having to worry about being 'on' 24/7. bg

I used to work in veterinary referral hospital as the lone staff radiologist and I had a very good situation where I was, but I wanted to live in a different climate. I decided to leave the referral hospital and work from home with AIS, which would give me the opportunity to work in any climate I want and I am glad I did. In addition to living where I want working from home, it turns out I have much more contact with colleagues than I ever did when I was working by myself in the referral hospital. I am now part of a great group of fellow radiologists who appear to get along very well, even though the contact is virtual. fc

I get to do the work I love as a radiologist, without constant disruptive interruptions. All while never feeling isolated or out of touch. I have a great team of radiologists (with more and varied experience than me), just at the click of button to share thoughts with and get instant help on difficult cases. I also enjoy having frequent quality and productive one on one interactions with the clients who are genuinely appreciative of the consult. The work/website interface is simple and effective; going to work is effortless, as it should be. bg

Having worked at AIS for well over two years, the 4 most important components for my continued happiness have been the chief radiologist, vice president, technical support staff and colleagues. Direct access to 4 to 17 radiologists’ opinions at one time is amazing in and of itself; but it is even more incredible because of the collegial atmosphere and the incredible trust that your questions will be supported and answered. kb

I find meetings and rounds with my colleagues useful and refreshing. Interactions with some of them through Skype are also a welcome activity. ms

As a radiologist in academia, it augments the training I impart on our residents. It gives me an insight in one facet of our craft that we just do not have access to in training programs. It keeps me in contact with clients (RDVMs) as communications between reader and veterinarian are a daily occurrence through STAT cases. ms

The interactive environment with your fellow radiologists keeps you from feeling isolated, keeps you intellectually sharp, and offers you with professional support that many busy academic institutions and referral hospitals do not provide. We have been able to overcome any concern that teleradiologists are isolated. Maybe elsewhere, but not at AIS! A common comment from our staff is that they have significantly more interaction with other radiologists now than they had when they were in academia. The reading platform is very user-friendly and the backup from the technical support team is extraordinary.

Amazing? Yes!

Too good to be true? No!

Teleradiologists are considered integral players of many veterinary medical teams, including both general and specialty practices.Imagine being clinically involved in dozens of cases per day while you get to choose where to live.Live anywhere you want, as long as you have high-speed internet access!Whether you reside in the city, at the coast, on a mountain, on an island or in the plains, you can be a clinical teleradiologist.Your choice!

We are a team of more than 35 staff radiologists. The retention rate for AIS professional and support staff has exceeded 95% for the last five years. Can you say that for your current job? Come work with people who love what they do. Become a member of this incredible team!

Our team of teleradiologists provides 24/7 coverage of all diagnostic imaging modalities to thousands of veterinarians worldwide.A web-based platform is utilized to deliver images to our radiologists who generate clinically relevant reports that are incorporated immediately, ensuring the highest quality patient care. Antech Imaging Services strives to promote patient care and DVM confidence by providing fast accurate diagnostic imaging reports.We are a division of VCA, Inc. AIS services VCA as well as non-VCA hospitals.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD) degree or equivalent.
  • Diplomate ACVR or ECVDI.
  • Current DVM state license in the applicant’s resident state.
  • A strong commitment to practicing the highest standards of medical quality while upholding the veterinary code of ethics.
  • Professional bearing with developed interpersonal skills and a positive, friendly attitude. A strong desire to collaborate with DVMs and AIS team members in a respectful and encouraging working relationship.
  • Radiologists that are skilled in reading all diagnostic imaging modalities are highly desirable: radiographs, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine.


  • Develop a relationship with referring DVMs based on timely professional and respectful communication; assistance in DVM’s professional growth and education through recommendations and interaction on referred cases.
  • Clinical involvement with all patients by generating relevant diagnostic imaging reports that facilitate patient care and management.A clinical/academic quality diagnostic imaging report and service is expected.
  • Positively represent Antech Imaging Services in the professional community and to the general public.
  • Participation in ACVR CE as well as other applicable CE allowing applicants to stay current on new theories, diagnostic approaches and available treatments.AIS requires a minimum of 30 hours of accredited CE per year.
  • Be involved in regular AIS diagnostic imaging clinical rounds, journal club, employee meetings and professional enrichment, which are held in an on-line format.


Antech Imaging Services rewards its team members with a competitive salary including revenue related commission potential, as well as a comprehensive benefits package through Antech Diagnostics.These include:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage.
  • Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance.
  • Liability insurance coverage.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan.
  • Continuing Education allowance.
  • Professional Liability Coverage.
  • Paid Vacation.

If interested in this opportunity, please e-mail a resume and a letter of intent to Dr. Phillip Steyn at, or call me at (970) 566-4376.

AIS will be at the 2014 EVDI and ACVR meetings. Please give me an opportunity to schedule a time to meet with you then.

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