Jobs at Antech Imaging Services

Jobs at Antech Imaging Services

In the past, veterinary hospitals had to wait for a radiologist to show up and provide a consultation. That could take days or weeks. Who has that kind of time? Clients don’t. They want results now! Today’s veterinarians tap into ANTECH® Imaging Services’ (AIS) network to receive high quality diagnoses and interpretations from the industry’s best.

  • Largest group of boarded staff radiologists around the globe
  • Board certified specialists in every field
  • Benefit from a diverse, challenging and high volume caseload with a customer service and patient care focus
  • Enjoy a strong teaching environment with emphasis on continual learning
  • Enjoy a working environment that supports work-life balance
  • Fulfill your interest in teaching and mentoring.
  • Share your knowledge with an expanded group of colleagues.
  • Utilize technology at the cutting-edge of veterinary medicine
  • Proven track record since 2000 – far longer than other services
  • Telemedicine and Internet-based PACS reaching more than 114 million images online
  • More than 3,500 AIS clients and other hospitals work with us globally
  • Over 1,341,000 consults to date

At AIS, we provide the opportunity of a lifetime for those deeply rooted in veterinary medicine and diagnostic imaging. From internships to residencies, we fully support you and help you shine.
Our current staff of 28 radiologists, along with our staff of Internist, and Cardiologist all working remotely, tap into each other’s wealth of knowledge to collaborate on cases like never before. Telemedicine and PACS work in unison to enable you to handle multiple cases with precision and gold standard care.

The Power of AIS

AIS makes telemedicine possible anywhere, anytime. Regardless of your location, AIS can connect you via its LIVE Network so you can practice your best virtually. When necessary sync up with numerous board-certified radiologists and other specialists all over the world to cohesively diagnose a single case together.

Focus is on You

Often, doctors get bogged down in hours of administrative work taking away from their medical focus. When you work for AIS, your attention is always on medicine. We handle the rest. We want you 100% focused on learning, growing and providing patients with your ultimate best. You will have the ability to work in an environment that is conducive to your lifestyle, anywhere, any place – the choice is yours. Like we said, at AIS you are a mouse click away from other top board-certified radiologists and colleagues for patient care discussion and advice.