Fountain Valley, Calif. May 20, 2021—Antech Diagnostics has opened a new reference laboratory in Chantilly, VA, offering expanded local support to veterinarians in the metro D.C. area. The state-of-the-art facility, which houses 34 laboratory professionals, gives local veterinarians and their clients easier and more comprehensive access to veterinary medicine’s most advanced diagnostic tests.

Antech’s new location significantly extends pick-up and delivery times for most metro D.C. area customers, enabling clinics to extend the hours during which they can offer reference laboratory diagnostics to their clients. The new location and expanded services also enable veterinarians to avoid having to switch to in-house testing at the end of the day, freeing up staff to see patients instead of running in-house equipment.

Antech operates the largest veterinary reference laboratory in North America. Through its 70 labs, Antech offers several of veterinary medicine’s most sophisticated diagnostic tests for pets, including:

  • Canine CE-IBD assay, veterinary medicine’s only diagnostic for canine inflammatory bowel disease and a first-line diagnostic for all dogs with chronic GI signs.
  • RenalTech™, the only predictive diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with 20 years of data from over 150,000 cats to predict whether or not a cat will develop chronic kidney disease (CKD) within 2 years with 95% accuracy.
  • Veterinary medicine’s only complete solution for CKD prediction, early diagnosis, staging and monitoring, combining RenalTech and SDMA™ (symmetric dimethylarginine), the renal biomarker for CKD, which allows veterinarians to support the best possible outlook for cats facing CKD.
  • CADET®BRAF, an innovative molecular diagnostic test that offers an easy, non-invasive diagnostic for the most common form of canine bladder, urethral and prostate cancer.
  • FIRSTract™ Urine Culture test, a rapid urine culture for cats and dogs, offering highly sensitive, specific detection of bacteriuria with results in hours not days.
  • FastPanel® Ringworm PCR, a DNA-based test that detects the most comprehensive group of Ringworm-causing fungal organisms in veterinary medicine.

“As Antech’s comprehensive line of innovative diagnostic services grows, we are committed to serving as many veterinary customers as possible,” said Mary Kurian, chief operating officer, Antech. “Our newest state-of-the-art facility in Chantilly means that clinicians in the metro D.C. area have expanded access to the right tests at the right time, enabling the best, most expedient care for their patients.”