Radiology / Imaging

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Name Accreditation
William Hornof – CMO / Quality Assurance / Resident Director DACVR
Donna Almondia DACVR
Augustina Anson DACVR
Debra Beard DACVR
Kerri Beck DACVR
Alexandra Bratton DACVR
Romaine Cavrenne DACVR
Francois Crevier DACVR
Robert Cruz DACVR
Lise Daniaux DACVR
Halise Diamond DACVR
Phillip F. Steyn DACVR
Susan Finn-Bodner DACVR
Jason Francis DACVR
Brett Fundak DACVR
Elisabeth Girard DACVR
Nicole Gladwin DACVR
Ron Green DACVR
Bill Gross DACVR
Brian Jones DACVR
Matt Jones DACVR
Kevin Koernig DACVR
Renée Léveillé DACVR
Susannah Lillis DACVR
Nancy Love DACVR
Andrea Matthews DACVR
Tsuyoshi Murakami DACVR
Pam Newton DACVR
Richard Page DACVR
Pascaline Pey DECVDI, DAVCR
Anna Revenaugh DACVR
Loren Shaiken DACVR
Mauricio Solano DACVR
Swan Specchi DACVR
Dan Steinheimer DACVR
Helen Thomas DACVR, DACVS
Michael Thomas DACVR
Diane Wilson DACVR
Kevin Winegardner DACVR
Lisa Ziemer DAVCR

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Founded in 2000, Antech Imaging Services has provided a Web-based PACS and telemedicine solutions far longer than any other service. With AIS, it's easy to add the expertise of a specialist while keeping the patient in your practice! Our on-line PACS provides images anywhere, anytime, from any computer!


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